10 Best Cities in the U.S.

Business week has come up with an interesting list of the top 50 American cities to live in.
Number 10 is Anchorage, Alaska, which ranks high because of its fantastic air quality and ridiculous 1.7 park acres per resident.
9th on the list is San Francisco–a well-rounded city that has it all.
Number 8 is Virginia Beach, a beautiful beach city with miles of boardwalks.
San Diego, the city with the best weather in the country, is 7th on the list.
Ranked 6th is Washington DC, the nation’s capital with some of the best museums in the world and the lowest foreclosure rate on the list.
Irvine, California – no. 5 – has the best schools of any city on the list and a median income of $92,195.
Fourth is Scottsdale, Arizona, the wealthy Phoenix suburb surprisingly beat out the california cities in the top 10.
Gorgeous Honolulu, HI comes in third with low unemployment and a low foreclosure rate.
Second is Arlington, Virginia with the lowest unemployment rate of cities on the list and ⅔ of its population holding college degrees.
And number one is Raleigh, NC. It is perhaps the most well-rounded city with thriving schools and universities, a great cultural scene and beautiful parks.
The rankings were based on 16 criteria, which include: the number of restaurants, bars, and museums per capita; the number of colleges, libraries, and professional sports teams; the income, poverty, unemployment, crime, and foreclosure rates; percent of population with bachelor’s degrees, public school performance, park acres per 1,000 residents, and air quality. Greater weighting was placed on recreational amenities such as parks, bars, restaurants, and museums, and on educational attainment, school performance, poverty, and air quality.
Some surprising omissions from the top 50 were Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Miami.
What cities would be in your top 10 if you could make your own list?

See the full list here:

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