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Smooth Jazz Chill Out Lounge 2009 [HD]

Good music shouldn’t be in low quality. Enjoy 🙂

Some of you have asked where to get this album. Of course there are…other ways to get the mp3s. The internet is filled with knowledge and information.
Buy the album here: http://www.amazon.com/Smooth-Jazz-Chill-Out-Lounge/dp/B00377VBKG
(Not sure if there is something physical like a CD out there, but of course you could burn the mp3s onto one)

0:00 01 Love L.A – Ruben Willmer Band
3:12 02 Sunshine At Night – Ty Pursglove
6:22 03 Circles And Grooves – Ramsey Gold
10:13 04 Rendezvouz 72.5 – Adrien Wilcox
13:38 05 Cruising FM – Baby Colby
17:09 06 Sweet Necessities – Talon Bourne
21:08 07 Funky And Blue – Bruce Andrews
24:41 08 Spring With U – Aiden Carter
28:15 09 So Documentary – Tyler Broughton
31:40 10 Boots Are Knocking – Mateo Flowers
35:01 11 Big Time Girl – Sean Pratt
38:48 12 Swirl Around – Cody Hobart
42:02 13 Route To Canada – Kurt Bowett Trio
45:44 14 Less Mind More Fun – Brian Berdwell
49:07 15 The Big Easy – Dane Emerson

Time, Track, Song Name – Artist

Original audio @ 320kbps, 44.1 KHz

If you want the whole video, it’s around 574 MB

***Google Drive (1 single WMV):

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***MediaFire (single WMV)

Background Image:
Original site had it’s domain taken down, so I’ve uploaded it to MediaFire in case you guys want it.
Original Picture 2560×1600: http://www.mediafire.com/view/totcto1cof01wm8/DT_Chicago_2560x1600.jpg
Downscaled Cropped Picture 1920×1080: http://www.mediafire.com/view/br617uwrumrh0ar/DT_Chicago_1920x1080.jpg

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The Fight To Be The Oldest Bar In New York City

New York City has roughly 1,700 bars (more than any other in the country per square mile) and while several boast the title of “The Oldest Bar In New York,” only one can make the claim.
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like bringing the community together at Community House! #FashionShow #FashionS…

Nothing like bringing the community together at Community House! #FashionShow #FashionShowInRockawayBeach #BeachBlock #TopBarsInNyc #ThingsToDoInNyc #TopBeachBars #Astoria #WillyB #Williamsburg #CrownHeights #GreenPoint #MarinePark #Manhattan #Bayride #Eeeeeats #BestBarsInNyc #RockawayBeach #NycEats #BeachBus #NYCBeachBus #NycEvents #HowardBeach #Queens #Brooklyn

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Hannibal For King Workout Routine pt2

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The Famous Hannibal For King Demonstrating a more advanced version of the last workout routine he shared with us http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy7-SO7TsoE&feature=related. Hannibal suggests to stick to the first routine for at least 6 months to a year. Hannibal prefers doing everything with a coos hand grip because of the way it sculpts his body. He says lock out on all the workouts which means perform full range of motion. This routine is the same as the first one except you want to go higher on the pull ups you want to aim to get your waist to the bar. For the dips he suggests lean as much forward as possible, this will help with anyone working towards planche dips. For the push ups he does diamonds but keeps one leg raised really high in the air. Halfway through the set he switches to the other leg. Hannibal doesn’t like letting go of the bar.

Music provided by cloak beats. Song called Ez Money.Check out his page. ‪http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandid=1019515‬

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King of the Bar Calisthenics Battle – FIBO 2014 – OFFICIAL HD

► Get stronger on the bars: http://j.mp/Strength-Bands ◄
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For the first time ever calisthenics was represented with an own booth at the FIBO expo at the Baristi Workout booth A30 in Hall 5.2

The “King of the Bar” Battle was organised to bring some of the best calisthenics athletes in the world together in a elimination style 1vs1 battle and to show what level of fitness you can achieve with calisthenics style training!
The competition is set up so that the 16 athletes competing have to win their way through the battles until two are left for the final battle!

The three judges were: Frank Medrano (Los Angeles, USA), Ed Checo from Barstarzz (NYC, USA) and Adam Raw from SebeRevolta (Czech Republic)


Zum ersten mal wurde Calisthenics am Baristi Workout Stand A30 in Halle 5.2 auf der FIBO präsentiert!
Das “King of the Bar” Battle wurde organisiert um einige der weltbesten Calisthenics Athleten in einem 1 gegen 1 Eliminations Battle zusammenzubringen und um zu zeigen welche körperliche Fitness durch unsere Art von Calisthenics Training erreicht werden kann!
Die 16 Teilnehmer bahnen sich ihren Weg durch die einzelnen Battles bis am Ende nur noch 2 für das Finale übrig bleiben!

In der Jury waren: Frank Medrano (Los Angeles, USA), Ed Checo von den Barstarzz (NYC, USA) und Adam Raw von SebeRevolta (Tschechische Republik)

Competitors – Teilnehmer:

Dario Guevara – Barons
Nikolay Yergiyev – Baristi Workout
Nabilson Talmat – Bar Tigerzz
Ewald Mironov – Beast Brothers
Korash Kabir – Barkillas
Afro Sayen – Bar Tigerzz
Blade – Bar Tigerzz
Irath Satour – Bar Tigerzz
Dejan Stipic – Bar Maniacs
Stephen Hughes-Landers – IamBarFit
Dan Griffiths – IamBarFit
Voskan Danielyan – WorldWorkoutGeneration
Ján Cibík – Workout Fanatics
Shai Boedhoe – 24sevenbarz
Ritesh Jaddoe – 24sevenbarz
David Ulfeng – Team Physix


Vielen Dank an: http://www.gripness.com


Danek – Level Up


Bass Kidz – Twerkin’ 2 Mars – http://youtu.be/fUXORhNIWtw

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