5 Best Cocktail Bars in America

We all love a good cocktail, but don’t you prefer buying one at a bar sometimes instead of making it yourself? Well, on this segment of Travel Chat, we have compiled the 5 best cocktail bars in America. You won’t BELIEVE that some of these actually exist. Like the show? Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3IusEY8S41qWPsUaui4F7w

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Hey guys, I’m Hann, and welcome to Travel Chat! Everyone loves a good cocktail, but don’t you get a little nervous when you order one and hope it’s what you thought it would be? Well worry no more, we have compiled a list of the 5 best cocktail bars in America. They all have excellent cocktails so we’re here to tell you about the awesome quirks that come with visiting one of these bars. So quick, go make yourself a cocktail and watch our list!

The first cocktail bar on our list is PDT in New York City.

This bar made it on our list for its one of a kind entrance: a phone booth. That’s right, to get into this bar the entrance is a phone booth INSIDE a hot dog joint. Might be a crazy entrance, but I don’t care…call me beep me if you wanna meet me because this is where I’ll be. And oh yeah, I should also mention they sell tater tots and feature bourbon infused with bacon in one of their drinks. Tots AND bacon!? Sold!

The next cocktail bar on our list is PX in Alexandria, Virginia.

This bar features farm fresh fruits and herbs in their drinks. They take interesting spins on classic drinks by using the farm freshness to their advantage. One of their featured drinks is the gin and tonic which includes a housemade tonic infused with lavender and lemongrass.

Our next cocktail bar is Holeman and Finch in Atlanta, Georgia.

This bar is known for its crazy concoctions that feature unique food in their drinks. Take the Pig Pik Sour for example, where bourbon is the only normal ingredient in it. The others are: bacon sugar and smoked egg whites.

Wait a minute, am I eating breakfast or drinking a cocktail? Either way, you’ll never find another cocktail bar quite like Holeman and Finch.

Next is Columbia Room in Washington, D.C.

Their bartenders use CLEAVERS to break down ice to melt. This might make you think of a horror movie, but the only horror about this bar is that it’s only open three nights a week. It features one of the top rated martinis in America that has quite a unique process. The gin for it is stored in a medical freezer and is served in a crystal glass approximately with a temperature of 31 degrees.

Rounding out our list is The Edison in Los Angeles, California.

This bar features a unique location and bartender experience. It sits in an old subterranean power plant and bartenders dress up to deliver drinks to its patrons.

The men channel their inner classic style and wear trench coats and aviators. The women get a little more creative and serve vials of absinthe drinks from pushcarts, while dressed as fairies. You certainly get some extra entertainment for your money at this bar.

Well guys, that’s our list of the top 5 cocktail bars in America. You certainly won’t find a more unique experience to enjoy a cocktail than at these bars. I’m Hanna with your travel tips. See you on the next Travel Chat.

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NYC Best Bars July Video

NYC Best Bars keeps New York City alive with its selection of great sport bars. The best places to go for cheap drink specials, food, sports and music can be found at nycbestbar.com. Along with food and drink specials, their quality sports bars feature HD TV’s to catch the best teams in Football. Three Sheets Saloon, Off the Wagon, The 13th Step, Jake’s Dilemma, The Gin Mill and The Stumble Inn all offer holiday party spaces that can accommodate groups from 20 to 200 people. They provide the best bar specials in New York City such as the Upper East Side, East Village. http://www.nycbestbar.com/

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NEW YORK ✭ Chill House Beats | Essential Deep Grooves from the Coolest Bars & Clubs

Top quality selection of the best chilled grooves directly from the coolest New York bars and clubs.
Selected by: Kandi & Fitch https://www.facebook.com/kandiandfitch

► Tracklist:

01. Peter Seymour – Baker Street (Ritchie & Guy NYC Instrumental) – 0:00
02. Benny Santiago – Get Into The Groove (Vinyl Addict Mix) – 3:52
03. Juliette Lane – Better Off Alone (Tiffany’s Remix) – 6:02
04. J Sanders – You And I – 9:53
05. Skydiver – Still Dre (Ricky Romero Deep Mix) – 14:03
06. Dreamchaser ft Rob Pharrel – Free Yourself (Westway Glamour Mix) – 19:53
07. Daniel McQueen – Manhattan Penthouse (Kiss & Fly Remix) – 24:44
08. Nicole Aniston – Love Luxury – 29:33
09. Chill Loungers – Sunny (Marquee Exclusive Remix) – 32:19
10. United Colors of House – Found Love (Ash & Grey Instrumental) – 36:14
11. Chic Lounge – Pretty Face ex Chic House – Chase the Sun – 38:46
12. Friends With Benefits – Love, Life, Lust, Laughter (Da Funk Re-Edit) – 42:23
13. Cielo – In the Backseat of a Limousine (Lord & Taylor Remix) – 45:09
14. Jeremy Scott ft Debby Lopez – I Want You (In My Bed) – 47:39
15. Brett Sinclair – Flash (Beachfreaks Psychedelic Mix) – 49:34
16. Double Seven ft Stephanie Lexington – Celebrities Glamour – 52:01
17. Mystique – Cantina Band (House Addict Remix – 54:47
18. Chromium – Flawless (Sonus Faber Lounge Mix) – 58:05
19. Ultraviolet – Skyline (Video Edit) – 1:03:29

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