The Land of No Men: Inside Kenya’s Women-Only Village

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Where the foothills of Mount Kenya merge into the desert, the people of Samburu have maintained a strict patriarchy for over 500 years in northern Kenya. That is, until 25 years ago, when Rebecca Lolosoli founded Umoja village as a safe haven for the region’s women. Umoja, which means “unity” in Swahili, is quite literally a no man’s land, and the matriarchal refuge is now home to the Samburu women who no longer want to suffer abuses, like genital mutilation and forced marriages, at the hands of men.

Throughout the years, it has also empowered other women in the districts surrounding Samburu to start their own men-excluding villages. Broadly visited Umoja and the villages it inspired to meet with the women who were fed up with living in a violent patriarchy.

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49 Replies to “The Land of No Men: Inside Kenya’s Women-Only Village”

  1. God, these women are so strong and beautiful. They were so welcoming to her and so open to her questions. The jewelry they make is such stunning and wonderfully made. I wish all these women the best.

  2. It's true that men from nearby villages can attack them, steal their money and even kill. Their cruel traditions don't change because of ignorant stubborn men. They say women can't do a good job at being a leader, but when it's a mans job little girls genitals are being cut and women are slaves

  3. This is tainting a community that have been admired all over the world for financial gain. There is no 'women land' or men land in Samburu. It was good that the women started their own business but men killing women is a total lies. What a shame to talk ill of your own husbands. bad tactic to get money.

  4. these amazing, strong, beautiful women are an example of what every 'first world' country SHOULD be like. Find your freedom, find your voice, never let go of it. Nobody is less than another, nobody deserves to be treated as second class, as property that can be disposed of as they like. Women shouldn't have to fight and kill to prove their worth in society, but they shouldn't have to put up with the violence of that society for thinking for themselves either. True pioneers, true super heroes.

  5. Daammmnn , these women are really brave , some of them are even saying that ; with the slogan '''' NO MAN ALLOWED ENTRY'''''' they will physically beat any male visitor and dress him in women's outfit, aawwww. Can somebody please tell me if they are just kidding or what ? they must have scared the hell out of someone whose wife have taken refuge with them, Lol.

  6. Women they ask dont want to get married because they know theyll be their husbands property, for him to use and do whatever he feel like – theres a place in the documentary when a woman speaks of that if a husband wants to kill his wife he can do it without consequences, because it would be like killing one of his properties/ animal. MEN HAVE ALWAYS been cruel to women in history and in present day – often because women were silent and therefor approvers – and it doesnt take a feminist to undertand this.

  7. The village woman "poverty made us start this village". The European "equality, equality, equality". These are communities borne out of necessity, poverty and starvation, not political ideologies.

    The man at 17:00 is right. These communities are vulnerable, women never confront danger, only men can provide protection. This is the very reason why these traditions became dominated by men in the first place, because safety and security were number one priority.

    All throughout history matriarchies have been destroyed and have never lasted.

  8. I hate her sexist remarks. America is not sexist. You know what MGTOW mostly consists of? Men that are tired of women because they have been scarred for life by them in some way. Whether it's the law system working against them, the fact that they have to give more than everything they own after divorce for the rest of their lives and also the fact that they never get to see their kids again. And the wage gap is a myth. If women got paid less do you think companies would hire men? HELL NO THEY WOULD NOT. Did I talk about how men get up to 63 percent higher jail sentences than women for the same crime?

  9. I didn't occur to me that they'd all sync up but that makes sense. There's just one week that you don't go trying to steal your wife back.

  10. Femenism is nothing new, stop trying to subvert the people who where watching this. Also women not wanting to be get married is the same as women not wanting the be monogamous. Also this women is simply just disrespecting men in general. Propaganda targeted at European women, nice I'm sure you got some of the dumber ones. Zionist coon.

  11. You know what? I love this comment section. Only here you have feminists openly saying what they usually hide. The only thing I still can't understand from this comments is if men ruin everything, then there cannot be civilization where there is patriarchy. And patriarchy is everywhere (at least from what we are told)…

  12. The only reason that place exists is because men have rules that stop them from being raped and taken. If a tribe of men came along they would be taken and raped.

  13. Satan is here to steal..kill..and to destroy all plans that God has for his people..Allow Jesus to enter your heart and he can begin to change and heal what Satan has stolen from all of us…division…divorces…war…hatred..our own sinful nature..please repent

  14. This isn't nothing new! Ali Mazrui had a documentary on such matriarchal societies in sub-saharan Africa that could trace themselves and their history back into antiquity. I seen this documentary as a small child circa 1980.

  15. All you feminists in this dumbass comment section, tell me this: is this not fighting fire with fire? They state that in those villages, women have the power, the final say. That's exactly the same thing as the old villages, just reversed. Is this fighting for equality, or for matriarchy? Does that not make you, a supporter of these new villages, a supporter of matriarchy

    Not that I would personally support it even if it was equal. I'm just making the logical argument here ^

  16. Very good documentary! What it shows to me is that there are very conservative inflexible male dominated views in many areas of the world. its not an innate problem with men and a woman only area or woman dominated area doesn't fix it, but it does show how important adapting cultural norms is to have a really equitable society.

    I see any individual who lets themselves or identifies themselves fully with their race, gender or sexuality misses the opportunity to really see what they offer as a truly unique individual.

  17. Question who built the "female" village" by village i mean the one main building built by western males Lame and exactly what i would expect. Where do theys shit, who did the plumbing?

  18. Ugh basically they hate men and use forced marriages and rape for excuses . that's like me saying because there are feminist women and women who cheat and abuse men I can't ever marry a woman. Once a lesbian told me "I gave up on men so I went to women." So if you give up on women do you go to animals? God made it simple man and women don't exclude the other. I get they want to run away from evil men but not all men are evil . Jesus said if you look at a woman with lust that'd a sin. Paul said to be loving to your wife . Jesus is the door he knows us best God Bless . PS Kenya would be a cool place to visit seeing the wild habitat and such.


  20. Umoja in Kwanzaa means Unity, to strive for maintaining Unity in the Family, Nation, Culture and Race. It's Mission statement is Unity. I agree that mutilization of famale and Male Sexual Organs is Wrong and should not continue!!! Resolving this issue could involve more than "establishing a refuge" for Females and or Males who flee the mutilization by the Tribes Traditional Marriage Culture Practice and "sending them to school/education. Some other Villages in Africa has successfully performed their "Rites of Passage" without the "mutilization" aspect. And they still maintain their Families Unity, Culture, Tradition, Heritage, Tribal Value System, Land and Way of Life without the separatism and animosity of sacrificing The Family/Tribal Unit as a Whole. Hopefully, "The Umoja Project" will not be just another "Foreign Political Vehicle" to commit "Black Genocide." History shows us how "Foreign religious, political, financial, NGO's factions take advantage of unsettling disagreements as an opportunity of encroachment and Imperial take over. The Family Unit/Tribe becomes more dysfunctional than before. Instead of a Unified Family Unit being in one accord, there is fighting and destruction of the Family Base, Culture, Heritage and Value & Economic System. Next The Family/Tribal System is shattered, they have no lively hood, resources or Land or each other any longer. Are they learning in school to become "Indocutrinated into a "Foreign System" or are they learning knowledge and skills on how to Maintain, Improve and Build a Unified Strong Family Unit/ Tribe. Are they enhancing their Love for each other, cultivating their traditions, working together for the Benefit of Their Whole Community? Are they learning about Africa, it's People's, it's over 2000 languages spoken, it's rich history and Great Resources, are they learning how to keep their traditional way of life(minus the genital mutilation) as well as being able to successfully transition into this "modern​ technology age" if they choose to? Umoja means Unity, Family Wholeness.. From my studies, Africa and America Indigenous Peoples were "Matriarchal Tribes" that benefited the entire Tribal Family Unit without the oppression of the Male members. Patriarchal governance is based on the oppression of Females, violence, war, avarice, imperialism, male exclusivity, is a foreign strategic sadistic tool of control used to demolish the Family Unit and control and covet a People's nature, way of thinking resources, and land. I've only lived in a Patriarchal way of Governance. And it is only a scheme to take advantage of Female Resources(ex.provider of human labor, Family etc.) and establish a sodomist world (Males who hate Females and Males who practice penal penetration in the waste hole/rectum with same sex Males & or Females and animals/beastiality). Females are the Foundation of Our Civilization. Without Females, there exists not the Human Race; no offsprings, no Family, no communities, no Civiliation! Yet, no financial nor economic provisions for Females and their Menses Sanitary and Procreation Necessities. etc. All Menses and Female Reproduction/Procreation Necessities are supposed to be Free! These Female Necessities Resource Funds are supposed to have been provided through Tributes, Taxes, Tithes, etc. And, The Complete Knowledge and Control of The Female Body should not be under jurisdiction of Patriarchal (Male) rule but of Females themselves.
    All the Money and Resources used for everything/anything else rather than being used as an equitable distribution of Funds to defray the cost of Females Caring for and Managing Their Miricalous Beings. The Promissory Note is sealed in Female Menes Blood. The Female Mother delivers the offspring through Blood during Labour another Promise confirmed in Blood. So Females sacrifice appx. 43 years of shedding Blood/Menses, maybe appx. experience 9 months of Labour and the following delivery of Offspring is a Life/Death Risk! All for the "Family, The Tribe, The Village, The State, The Nation, The Civilization proprigators of The Human Species. But Females bear the Life/Death Risks & Burdens while Males reap all The rewards. This is not equitable! Where are all the Provisions, Resources, Funds, Accounts, $, Land Allotments, The Booty?that was Promised to Females?

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