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  1. Should i just pay a shop to remove the lower control arm and press in new bushings and ball joint? ive been trying to find online forums or a sort of guide but cant find anything. i want to save the money and do it myself but seems unlikely that i can do it in my garage

  2. yea i dont have the parts to do part 2 and so i need to buy the parts and rigjt now i am working on building my cummins motor thats going into this truck

  3. i live in Wisconsin and salt kills anything on wheels! lol long story short, after everything but torching i ended up cutting my torsion bar crossmember after i found a new one for 50 bucks. i had the control arm torsion bar and key in one piece, put it in a vice and hit the key with a 6 pound sledge. after 5 min of mauling it wiggled off. overall atleast 8 hours just to get keys off

  4. i got a price of $600 to have a shop do it and after the crap i went through already and not getting it to budge i feel like torsion bar isnt in square anymore idk fuck it bring it to a shop and let them get them out for $600 but b i want to get the k3500 torsion bars and after shop installs them i am gonna tell them to put on anti sieze forget ever fighting these things again

  5. yea you can heat them red hot and slam them with a sledge hammer . i am gonna get new torsion bars and pay a local heavy duty spring shop to put in new torsion bars, lift keys, and i think ibam gonna get lift lower control arms

  6. you have 2 choices 1 cut torsion bar and replace any parts you csnt get apart or 2 heat it with a oxy acetylene torch red hot theb beat it out. oth we then tbat bring it to a suspension shop or a heavy duty truck shop that has bigger air hammers etc.

  7. well this truck was used in vermont off roading and mudding until i got it and i still have dirt in frame and everywhere lol and i live in mass so i am gonna bring it to the car wash one of these days and get a under body wash but new england kills cars

  8. yea i tried everything i couldnt get them out so i cranked them i think my torsion bars may be messed up. i soaked them and heated them and only got them to move like 1/2 inch. i even unbolted crossmember and hammered that so the keys would slide out of the control arms and still nothing. and then i hooked up a 5,000lb winch and tried that and still i couldnt get torsion bar, keys, or cross member to move. i hope maxing out stock keys does the trick or else my trucks going to the spring shop to get them done. i also noticed i couldnt get the left and right leveled it was like i kept lowering and raising one side but it didnt move so i think there is something wrong with torsion bars on my truck.

  9. I'm working on a truck that appears to be in similar condition. The keys are a bit seized on the bars. How did your removal work out? So far I've used a really heavy duty air hammer and soaked the keys with penetrating oil today. They are still hanging on. I plan to try again tomorrow after the oil has a chance to work in. If still stuck it looks like torch time.

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