“Walter the weather man” | Spark of Insanity | JEFF DUNHAM

Click here to watch: Peanut and Walter experience “The Mandela Effect!” | Jeff Dunham”


Walter describes what the weather’s like in some of his “favorite” cities, in this clip from my 2007 special “Spark of Insanity.” Enjoy!

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42 Replies to ““Walter the weather man” | Spark of Insanity | JEFF DUNHAM”

  1. Well if you do a show in east Texas, be prepared to have moss not just growing out your ASS but out feet as well. Because it is humid as fuck out here. 87 degrees… nope feels like fucking 120.

  2. I was standing on the beach
    With a my little iced tea
    Oh a look a little cloud
    3 minutes later
    The locals are hanging on to the palm trees
    Ya dumbasses

  3. My favourite part of Walters "Spark of insanity"-appearance is when he gives his views on terrorism, but I'm apparantly the only one who feels that way because you won't find that part here or in any other "spark of insanity Walter"-posts on youtube.

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