Smooth Jazz Chill Out Lounge 2009 [HD]

Good music shouldn’t be in low quality. Enjoy ­čÖé

Some of you have asked where to get this album. Of course there are…other ways to get the mp3s. The internet is filled with knowledge and information.
Buy the album here:
(Not sure if there is something physical like a CD out there, but of course you could burn the mp3s onto one)

0:00 01 Love L.A – Ruben Willmer Band
3:12 02 Sunshine At Night – Ty Pursglove
6:22 03 Circles And Grooves – Ramsey Gold
10:13 04 Rendezvouz 72.5 – Adrien Wilcox
13:38 05 Cruising FM – Baby Colby
17:09 06 Sweet Necessities – Talon Bourne
21:08 07 Funky And Blue – Bruce Andrews
24:41 08 Spring With U – Aiden Carter
28:15 09 So Documentary – Tyler Broughton
31:40 10 Boots Are Knocking – Mateo Flowers
35:01 11 Big Time Girl – Sean Pratt
38:48 12 Swirl Around – Cody Hobart
42:02 13 Route To Canada – Kurt Bowett Trio
45:44 14 Less Mind More Fun – Brian Berdwell
49:07 15 The Big Easy – Dane Emerson

Time, Track, Song Name – Artist

Original audio @ 320kbps, 44.1 KHz

If you want the whole video, it’s around 574 MB

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***MediaFire (single WMV)

Background Image:
Original site had it’s domain taken down, so I’ve uploaded it to MediaFire in case you guys want it.
Original Picture 2560×1600:
Downscaled Cropped Picture 1920×1080:

Original Video Link

19 Replies to “Smooth Jazz Chill Out Lounge 2009 [HD]”

  1. En Valencia, una cena en las puertas del verano, una cerveza….y esta m├║sica que no me canso de escuchar…..creo que la he escuchado m├ís de cincuenta veces y cada vez me gusta m├ís. No me ocurr├şa desde " the dark side of the moon". Mi en hora buena a los m├║sicos.´╗┐

  2. Guys where is the one that got deleted, it is a mix and the background picture is city skyline that is waving/moving around. How can I contact original uploader´╗┐

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