36 Hours in Copenhagen | The New York Times

Copenhagen, the standard-bearer for both design and New Nordic cuisine, offers other creative endeavors, from enticing shops to cozy bars.

Produced by: Fritzie Andrade, Max Cantor, Chris Carmichael and Aaron Wolfe

Read the story here: http://nyti.ms/1v7rZeR

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36 Hours in Copenhagen | The New York Times

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33 Replies to “36 Hours in Copenhagen | The New York Times”

  1. well i am a dane myself
    and i hate denmark from the buttom of my heart!


    By answering this comment you agree to have read terms of use if you should violate terms of use a little bit you will be reported, i myself i will be behaving within the laws of youtube merely stating my opinion which cannot get me reported since it's freedom of speech

    so whatever is said in this comment is your problem 😀

    However if you should report me for what's said in this comment you will be reported for Abusing the Report Tool on youtube

    #FreedomOfSpeech #Youtube #TrollsDontBotherMe

  2. If you only have visited Copenhagen, then you havent seen denmark I as Irish have lived 40+ years in Denmark and i can tell you, visit the islands, and meet the people. Copenhagen is like all cities, but visit the small islands as I live on , then you meet the true danes. If I said I dont take my key out of the ignition or my car sits outside my house with the keys in the ignition, or when i head to my lokal supermarket in Winter, over 50% over cars are running, while people are shopping. Turists are the only ones WHO Lock their cars. This for me is the real Denmark.

  3. Theres alot of videos of people visiting CPH and saying "this is Denmark" someone should visit other places in Denmark, because denmark is so much more Then just CPH 🙂 

  4. It's all nice and shinning on the videos like that, but remember there is always two sides of the same coin. Not many places can beat a sunny weekend in Copenhagen, with lots of smiling faces and bicycles all around. But sun doesn't shine often in Denmark. Beers turn into urine and pukes all around when the clock struck midnight. And all the smiles hide the reticent narrow-minded personalities of the majority in Denmark.

  5. Interesting. Enjoying the many comments. My previous post was deliberately provocative, and as part a social study it has fulfilled its role.
    Denmark is a great place and has much to offer. Unlike many countries, Denmark is a pioneer in freedom of speech and liberty. There aren't many places in the world that are like that.
    Many negative responses (not all well formulated) but interesting to see the passion of Danes.
    People believe in this country, and I love living here – and there are few counties where people are able to defend their sense of being.
    Tak til som har reageret på mit opslag.
    Danmark er et skønt land, elsker at bo her. Men husk jeres sprog når I reagerer.
    Det kan godt ende i en phd-afhandling

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