5 Oldest Bars of New York City – History and Tour

The 5 Oldest Bars of New York City are watering holes you’ve GOT to check out when you travel to the Big Apple. These places have the history of the city, they tell the story of her immigrants, her citizens and off all the changes that have gone on for the past few hundred years.

First we start at Fraunces Tavern, the oldest bar in New York. From there it’s on to the Bridge Cafe next to the Brooklyn Bridge. Then, we move to the Ear Inn, built back in 1817. We travel next to the Bowery to McSorley’s, where Abraham Lincoln once visited. Then on quickly to Pete’s Tavern and finally to Old Town.

Bucket List Bars: Historic Saloons, Pubs and Dives of America was published in 2013 to showcase the oldest bars of America. It’s a travel guide for the bar enthusiast who wants to know what places to drink at when they travel.

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7 Replies to “5 Oldest Bars of New York City – History and Tour”

  1. Fine production, and thanks for posting it
    however there are some mistakes
    1. 1:05 It is SouthSTREET seaport, not southside seaport
    2. 3:12 Old Town Bar is not in Greenwich Village. The northern border of the Village is 14th st

    Other useful info would include
    3. Although a relative late comer The Whitehorse Tavern established in the 1880's is a very solid choice for a NY bar bucket list. I should know, my parents met there.
    4. Not many people know but McSorley's didn't allow women to enter until 1970

  2. It's cool but I expected  less obvious choices. I like the old-school vibe,music,people,simplicity. These became luxurious over time.
    I guess you only hear of those if you know a guy/girl

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